Welcome to the 2021 MTSNYS Virtual Conference

Program Abstracts

Synchronous sessions

Keynote: Michael Buchler, Florida State University
“The Unionist Hero and The Capitalist Anti-Hero: Alan Menken’s Collectivist Fantasy and Harold Rome’s Entrepreneurial Satire”
June 15, 2:30pm EDT — Zoom Link

Workshop: Jennifer Snodgrass, Appalachian State University
“Teaching Musicianship in a Pandemic: What I’ve Learned, What I’m Keeping, and What I Hope Never Happens Again”
June 15, 3:30–5pm EDT – Zoom Link

Asynchronous presentations

Q&A: August 11, 2–2:30pm EDT — Zoom TBA
Lawrence Shuster, chair

Composerly Virtuosity in J. K. Randall’s Lyric Variations for Violin and Computer (1968)
Scott Gleason, Columbia University
Video  |  Handout

Mixed Messages: Motivic Ambiguity in Guinean Malinke Dance Drumming
Tiffany M. Nicely, SUNY Fredonia
Video  |  Script  |  Handout

Breakdowns and the Aesthetic of Disorientation in Electronic Dance Music
Jeremy W. Smith, University of Louisville
Video  |  Slides

Perceiving banyan: Temporal Syntax Unbeholden to Periodicity
Anna Yu Wang, Harvard University

Durational and Formal Organizations in Guoping Jia’s The Wind Sounds in the Sky (2002)
Yi-Cheng Daniel Wu, Soochow University School of Music
Video  |  Handout


SESSION 2: Bob Hasegawa, Chair
Q&A: August 11, 2:30–3pm EDT — Zoom TBA

Revisiting the Sound-Box in a Headphoned World
Ben Duinker, University of Toronto
Video  |  Script  |  Slides

The Recapitulation as Site of Formal Tension in Hindemith’s Wind Sonatas
Rachel Gain, University of North Texas
Video  |  Handout

Experimental Music’s Critiques of Triadic Theory
Noah Kahrs, Eastman School of Music
Video  |  Script  |  Slides

Eine Alpensinfonie—Tone Poem, Symphony, or Music-Drama?
Sam Reenan, Eastman School of Music
Video  |  Script  |  Handout  |  Slides

Agents of Delineation: Form as Orchestration in Varèse’s Octandre
Stephen A. Spencer, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Video  |  Slides


SESSION 3: Jason Hooper, Chair
Q&A: August 11, 3–3:30pm EDT — Zoom TBA

Percy Goetschius and “Revolutionary” American Music Theory
Eric Elder, Brandeis University

Contextualizing Triadic Post-Tonality in Three Preludes from Dmitri Shostakovich’s 24 Preludes and Fugues, Op. 87
Trevor Hofelich, Florida State University
Video  |  Handout

“It’s only a play”: Stephen Sondheim’s Broadwayization of The Frogs (1974)
Jordan Lenchitz, Florida State University
Video  |  Slides

Hexachord-Invariant Counterpoint in the Vocal Music of William Byrd
Megan Long, Oberlin College
Video  |  Handout

Functional Analogies: Learning by Comparison in Wordless Functional Analysis
Nicholas Swett, Cambridge University
Video  |  References

SESSION 4: Orit Hilewicz, Chair
Q&A: August 11, 3:30–4pm EDT — Zoom TBA

Blurred Boundaries: Traumatic Association and Thematic Disassociation in Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy Soundtracks
Richard Anatone, Prince George’s Community College

From “Maira” to Chen Yi’s “Mayila”: Socialist Influences on Contemporary Chinese Composers
Hon Ki Cheung, University of Minnesota

“The End is Here”: Queer Temporality Sounding through Form in Recent Indie Rock
Rachel Hottle, McGill University
Video  |  Handout

“Something Else is Possible”: Transcultural Collaboration as Anti-Apartheid Activism in the Music of Juluka
Caleb Mutch, Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics