MTSNYS Graduate Student Workshop

Three Myths about the History of Tonality
Megan Kaes Long (Oberlin College and Conservatory)
Friday, 5 April 2019 (evening)

We are excited to announce that the 2019 Graduate Student Workshop will be led by Professor Megan Kaes Long (Oberlin College and Conservatory).

Applications should consist of two documents: (1) a brief letter of interest, and (2) a note of support from a faculty member that addresses the applicant’s eligibility and qualifications. Continue reading “MTSNYS Graduate Student Workshop”

Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award

Thomas Jul Kirkegaard-LarsenThe Music Theory Society of New York State presents the Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award for best paper delivered by a graduate student at its annual meeting, held this year at Hunter College. We are delighted to announce that Thomas Jul Kirkegaard-Larsen (Aarhus University, Denmark & the CUNY Graduate Center) received the 2018 award for his paper, “ Transformational Attitudes in Scandinavian Function Theories.” Continue reading “Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award”