Keynote Speaker

2018 MTSNYS Keynote Speaker: Professor Sumanth Gopinath (University of Minnesota)

We are delighted to announce that the keynote address for the 2018 meeting will be given by Professor Sumanth Gopinath (University of Minnesota).
“Sumanth Gopinath is Associate Professor of Music Theory. He is the author of The Ringtone Dialectic: Economy and Cultural Form (MIT Press, 2013), and he co-edited, with Jason Stanyek, The Oxford Handbook of Mobile Music Studies (Oxford University Press, 2014). His writings on Steve Reich, musical minimalism, Marxism and music scholarship, the Nike+ Sport Kit, the ringtone industry, Bob Dylan, and Benjamin Britten have appeared in various scholarly journals and edited collections. He is working on a book project on musical minimalism and is conducting research on sound in new and formerly new media, Bob Dylan’s musicianship, the aesthetics of smoothness, and the music of the Scottish composer James Dillon.”1

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1. “Sumanth S Gopinath,” University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts Faculty and Staff Directory, accessed September 15 2017,