Theory and Practice Vol. 42

Theory and Practice is pleased to announce the latest issue of Theory & Practice, Volume 42 (2017), with an exciting collection of articles and reviews:

Michael Weinstein-Rieman
“Inside” Voices and Coupling Dynamics: An Analysis of Clara Wieck-Schumann’s Nottorno from Soirées Musicales, Op. 6 No. 2
Derek Remeš
J. S. Bach’s Chorales: Reconstructing Eighteenth-Century German Figured-Bass Pedagogy in Light of a New Source
2017 Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award
Zachary Bernstein
Is the Twelve-Tone System Inherently Organicist? Some Reflections on Conflicting Perspectives, with Notes on Analysis
Brian Moseley
Sense, Structure, and Webern’s Mysterious Modernism
Matthew Arndt
Toward a Renovation of Motivic Analysis: Corrupt Organicism in Berg’s Piano Sonata, Op. 1
John Covach
Schoenberg’s (Analytical) Gaze: Musical Time, The Organic Ideal, and Analytical Perspectivism
Bryan Parkhurst
Formal Arguments and Symbolic Gestures: Thoughts on Langer and Adorno, with a Postscript on Marxism

Joseph Kraus
Review of Carl Schachter, The Art of Tonal Analysis: Twelve Lessons in Schenkerian Theory
Gregory Ristow
Review of Diane Urista, The Moving Body in the Aural Skills Classroom: A Eurhythmics Based Approach