Theory and Practice vol 47-48

We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 47–48 of Theory and Practice. PDFs of individual articles from this double volume are available here:


Danielle Bastone Barrettara, “Mozart’s Osmin and the Phrasing of Discomposure”

James S. MacKay, “Exploring the IAC as Terminal Cadence: Melodic Deferral and Cadential Function in Classical Sonata-Form Movements”

Samantha M. Inman, “Form, Tonality, and Influence in Eric Ewazen’s Sonata No. 1 for Flute and Piano”

David Hier, “Imagining an Autochthonous Music: The First Movement of W. G. Still’s Fourth Symphony”


Caitlin Martinkus, “Review-Article of Journeys Through Galant Expositions, by L. Poundie Burstein and How Sonata Forms: A Bottom-Up Approach to Musical Form, by Yoel Greenberg.

William O’Hara, “Review of The Cambridge Companion to Video Game Music, edited by Melanie Fritsch and Tim Summers”