Volumes 45-54 (2020-2029)




Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 46 (2021)
Ellie M. Hisama, Rachel Lumsden, Guest Editors
Jason Hooper, Associate Editor

Megan L. Lavengood, Reviews Editor



Ellie M. Hisama and Rachel Lumsden Diversifying Music Theory: From Theory to Practice, pp. v–x
Eileen M. Hayes “Where There Is Institutional Will, There Is A Way”: Diversity and Faculty of Color in Music, pp. xi–xvi
Clifton Boyd Race, Retention, and Identity-Based Service in Music Theory, pp. 1–22 
Catrina Kim Issues in Teaching Music Theory Ethically: Reframing University Directives of Antiracist and Decolonized Curricula, pp. 23–45
Marc E. Hannaford Fugitive Music Theory and George Russell’s Theory of Tonal Gravity, pp. 47–81
Vivian Luong and Taylor Myers Reframing Musical Genius: Toward a Queer, Intersectional Approach, pp. 83–96
Alissandra Reed A Guide to Nonviolent Scholarship in Music Theory, pp. 97–104 
Horace J. Maxile, Jr. Ponderings and Perspectives (Around and About the Field), pp. 105–12 
Patricia Hall Navigating Academia, Single Parenthood, and First-Gen Experiences, pp. 113–17 
Paula Grissom-Broughton (Re)Visioning Race and Gender in Music Theory and Composition: The Role of Music Educators, pp. 119–23 
Adem Merter Birson Stifling Sameness: Hardships of Immigration, Parenthood, and Being Non-White Contingent Faculty, pp. 125–29
Michael Berry Make Sure Your Own Mask Is Secure before Assisting Others: Contingent Faculty as Care Worker, pp. 131–36 
Kristi Hardman Review of Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies, by Dylan Robinson, pp. 137–46



Theory and Practice
Index to Volume 45 (2020)
Jason Hooper, Editor
Megan L. Lavengood, Reviews Editor



Owen Belcher Caroline Shaw’s Musical Portraits, pp. 1–49 
Ellen Bakulina The Loosening of Closure: A Form-Functional Study of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Solo Songs, pp. 51–91
Kyle Hutchinson Chasing a Chimera: Challenging the Myths of Augmented-Sixth Chords, pp. 93–126
Kyle Hutchinson From a Certain Point of View: Learning to Hear Consonance as Dissonance in Late Nineteenth-Century Tonality, pp. 127–62
2020 Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar Award
Aaron Harcus Mariusz Kozak, Enacting Musical Time: The Bodily Experience of New Music (New York: Oxford University Press, 2020), pp. 163–73
Joseph R. Jakubowski Daphne Leong, Performing Knowledge: Twentieth-Century Music in Analysis and Performance (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019), pp. 175–83